Hello Everyone:)
Summer is in full swing here in New England and I am enjoying every hot, sticky, sweaty day of it;)
On Tuesday and Wednesday we went to the Brimfield Show and did we have fun!

 The girls couldn't believe how hot it was and what the heat did to the gentlemen behind them;)  LOL

Now you know how I like to share with you when I find dealers with fabulous things. This time is no different. Brimfield is full of creative displays and artists.  Two lovely ladies, I think their names were Kris and Carrie,(sorry ) own this great booth. They are from 'WWW.PAINTED PRETTYFURNITURE.BLOGSPOT.COM. Just look at how pretty succulents look in pretty dessert bowls on a silver tray:)
 Look at this GORGEOUS little cabinet. Love the scroll work.
 Look at this display! Pretty on top of pretty. Love it! I really enjoyed their booth and they were very sweet.
 I don't even have to tell you whose booth this was, do I? Well, OK for the two of you who don't know....
 it is Theresa and her husband's from 'Time Worn Interiors'. No matter what awesome things they have to sell, their style is always recognized. They have such a great eye for beautiful things. Brought home a few treasures from here too;)
 And this is my friend Patrice's booth from                       .
 Look at that fabulous tin lunch pail!!!!! Enlarge these photos for some eye candy.

                             A cart full of fabric loveliness.
 Cheerful red  shows off all of her goodies. I bought a great white McCoy planter from Patrice. I collect them and she had a great one. She is so funny, she was closing up to go shopping. lol My kind of lady:)

 I have shown  you photos from this display  before. These guys really know how to draw you in with their beautiful pieces. They are 'Sandstone Gardens' 2826 Douglas Fir Road, Joplin, MO 64804  phone: 417-206-6305. CLICK TO ENLARGE.
 I have bought from them before. I love EVERYTHING they sell!!!!!
 I wish I had taken a business card from this awesome lady. She always has a beautiful display of potted flowers, herbs and veggies and some great furniture too. She had so many 'sold' stickers on her things and I am not surprised as she really does a wonderful job.
 Dawn and Jeremy had such a beautiful setup. So tastefully done and very soothing. They are: ''.
Look at that white chair!!!!!And that gray cabinet!!!!
 This is also from their booth. I just love these old tables. And can I tell you, I have never seen so many people walking around with suitcases. Where are they all going ?????LOL

We had so much fun!  The girls were excellent and we are looking forward to the September show already:)

Thanks for stopping by......
............'Till next time.....
~Debra XXX