My Sunday Buddy

Sunday for me is a "me" time which I usually spend at the spa, grocery, movies (yes, movies!), and the likes. But this Sunday after doing my mani-pedi and jogging, I spent mostly of my night browsing through the pages of the magazines I bought while having some groceries. No good movies to watch so I decided that magazines could keep my company. :) I bought two, a Cosmopolitan and a Maven.

I find the little words all over the cover pretty interesting which I thought I could relate to. For the Maven magazine, I want to know Bea Alonzo's experiences on diet pills, the hot hair styles, and those trend alerts on satchels, pants, and SHOES! :) Cosmopolitan ignited my interest on certain topics such as corporate fashion finds, secrets to become the next big boss, and how to prep and look "hot" in 10 minutes. Surely, I was sold out to the these ideas. :)

My boyfriend gave me an "S" shaped lips upon seeing my purchases as he has always been an anti-magazine dude. He was like, "why didn't you just buy a book to read?". And I was like, "I don't want to use my brain for the moment!". Haha. Magazines for me are really for bored moments and this is actually the rarest times which I bought a copy.

But browsing through them is not bad at all. I found interesting articles which empower modern women and giving you handy tips for everyday busy lifestyle. No doubt there are countless of advertising pages and even subtle brand naming in between but there are helpful articles that actually give you that feeling of a support system. And as opposed to my old belief that magazines make you feel uglier, I find it more of a challenge to myself that, well, I can be that beautiful. Lol.

So anyhow, Toni and Bea made a good company to me and I enjoyed flipping through the pages of these glossy magazines. =)