Late Night Long Bath

Can you believe it? I was curling in my bed for at least 17 hours. Yes, 17 freakin' hours! Now, where did my Sunday go?! Ugh. Anyway, I started my day at around 8 PM by snapping some food to fill my orphaned stomach, finished some chips that I left yesterday, and moved on to do Turbo Fire workout. I am starting to love this high intensity work out by the way. I just do hope I will continue to squeeze it on my daily routine for 21 days to officially make it as a habit - ah any exercise for that matter, not just Turbo Fire. :)

So, what is the best thing to do after all the sweats were hugging your body? Of course, jump to the shower! I made sure I have an oh-so nice bath tonight because I really want to feel refreshed and make sure that I at least do my weekly vanity routine.

I had Watsons Repairing Treatment Wax and shower cap to baby my hair. I put on an enormous amount of the wax on my hair to let my hair feel pampered. Why not, I have two tubs of this wax which I got from the famous Watsons' buy one take one. :D I need this home treatment because I swear, my hair now is just as messy as my room. Lol. I am up for another hair treatment but I just really have no time (maybe I should have slashed out my sleep) to sit for long hours at the salon plus I am scouting for another one to try out. Don't get me wrong, I love Ystilo Salon which have been my go-to hair place for two years now but I just want to step on to other salon. There are lots of them, and I want to try other services! Meanwhile, while Watsons wax is not doing a miracle to my hair, it is at least giving a temporary care on my crowning glory. Hair is softer and feels "thinner" breaking off momentarily from the term buhaghag.

Then I opened my bottle of Body Shop shower gel. When I smelled it, I felt I was brought back to year 2004 when I had my first Body Shop shower experience. Yes, it was Body Shop who opened my eyes to the world of my now most loved vanity on earth - the shower gels! I was driven back to the old memories. Yeah, you know that feeling of associating memories on scents? I had a so-called trip down the memory lane while pampering my body with the rich and subtle scent of neroli jasmin. :) I love the fact that it is soap free and I felt how gentle it is on my skin. Really, I love touching my skin now. =) Ah, Body Shop never fails me!

After I dried my skin on the fan (yeah, I am not fond of scrubbing my towel onto my skin!), I had the luxury of time and interest to apply my lotion. The weather is nice so I don't worry that I'll feel greasy. I had my Victoria's Secret pure seduction lotion to top my vanity hour. It was a gift from my friend way back in Christmas 2010 - one of the staple gift/pasalubong of balikbayans. :)

So there it is. My Sunday "getaway". :D