Body Shop Stuff And I Get To Relax

My gawd! It seems like all my energy was sucked out of me at the office. It was yet another whoel day of brainstorming and meetings! Gah, sometimes it's too hard to be one of the brightest in the office. Lol. Good thing I managed to unwind a bit by stepping into Body Shop the last minute before they closed and grabbed some stuff which I actually don't need but just felt the urge to buy them. Believe me, I felt instantly light when I entered their store. Indeed, shopping and vanities are two things which can instantly make me feel good.

Anyway, I won't squander my time blogging as of this moment as my eyes are already shouting for complete darkness! But before that, let me share what I have bought and hopefully, I could have a future post to review and comment on them!

make up remover, salt scrub, shower gel

They are on sale now and I got these for 508 bucks. Not bad! Now I am excited to get a good bath tomorrow and so with this, I am signing off! :)

Good morning everyone! And yes, it's Friday!!!