Office Outfit for the Day

I want to make this little documentation of my vanities as well rounded as possible so I thought of sharing my office outfits from time to time. I am a player in a structured jungle called corporate life so most of my days are spent in the office. But this does not mean though that I adhere strictly to the should be business attires. I am done with the blazers and all sorts of "too corporate" wardrobes. Now, I attempt to infuse "kikayness" in my daily outfits without sacrificing the demands of the corporate rules.

Another thing that I want to share these photos is for me also to keep track of my ever growing weight. Lol. I momentarily stayed away from the camera because it felt so depressing but I realized that I have to face whatever "horizontal" challenges I encounter everyday.:D

Anyhow, what I wore today is a dress I got from 168 mall! The price is incredibly cheap that I came out of the stall carrying three pieces of dress! The store is named We (heartshape) Bonz. I got this one at 320 Php I think. Skinny belt is from the other store at 168 mall as well priced at 150 bucks. :) I got the wedge at Jannilyn last April. I love the decent height it gives me without giving me that pain in my calves at the end of the day. Capping my outfit is the Longchamp bag I received as a gift from my boyfriend last year. =)

My hair badly needs an overhaul so I opted for a ponytail eventhough my face's shape is soooo unflattering!

So there it is, my first office outfit post. Good evening everyone!