Hello Everyone:)

It has been sooooo hot that I am really surprised that any of my flowers are still living. Most of my potted plants in the front yard are gone. BUT I do want to show you some pretty blues and purples that are blooming right  now.

 This is a Passion Vine. It is so gorgeous. It is on my deck and will come inside in the Fall to see if I can keep it growing. Love all the different shades it has.
This is one of the most beautiful Geraniums I have ever seen. It looks like it is made of velvet. This will also come inside in the Fall. Have you ever seen one this color before?

Petunias on the deck. Not many of these, but I am enjoying the ones that are hanging in there;)

 OOOOOHHHHH Rose of Sharon.  Love this bush and its' color. This one is sure to make me smile every time I look at it:)
 Nicole gave me a Hydrangea a couple of years ago and I was so thrilled to see it blooming. These will be pretty to dry and hang up too. Love the tiny white centers. So dainty each petal is.
 Phlox and Hosta flowers. I have different colored Phlox.  While I love the flowers, my garden has lots of green in it when it is not blooming. So I may have to move things around next year or maybe just add flowers in between. If you know me, you know I will probably just add more in between;) Hey, you can never have too many flowers right???
Butterfly bushes are many in the garden too. I love them, Don, not so much. But how could you not love a plant that is surrounded by gorgeous butterflies, I ask? The first one I ever bought had a butterfly on it and that sold me. Maybe he'll come around;)

Well ,thanks for stopping by my garden today. Hope you liked the blues and purples:) What color is blooming in your garden?

'Till next time............
........~Debra XXX