Purederm Intensive Repair Foot Mask

A treat to my feet is a heaven feeling for me be it in the form of spa, pure massage, scrub, pedicure, and even DIY treatments. Arguably, my feet are the most abused part of my body (second to my brain!) so a little reward does an enormous positive effect on me. It is with this reason that when I saw this Purederm product I had no second thought of buying it. :)

I really don't expect that much on the product because I know that it is really hard to say that my feet are "well repaired" after using it. What I just look forward to is a tiny treat to my feet just by soaking them in warm water and putting on some paraphernalia to relax my tired muscles. I find the product too easy to use as compared to other foot treatments as it is a one shot deal. You just need a clean feet that were washed with warm water then slip on the sock-shaped foot mask. There is not much to prepare so it comes in very handy for me.

After settling it on my feet for about twenty minutes (and while browsing the internet), I felt that my feet went lighter and oh well, that feeling of being extra clean. Happier feet for me!

The price is decent also at only 75 Php I think so it is really something that you would want to grab especially if you have no time (and maybe money?) to treat yourself to a foot spa!